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Practice Management Program
Primary Care Networks Program Management Office
Toward Optimized Practice


deploy.pngThe deployment of Practice Facilitators in the field is managed by the hiring organization.  The AMA supports the deployment of Practice Facilitators through providing an evidence-based approach to change at the clinic level (Sequence to Achieve Change) and through the development of Change Packages that provide an evidence-based and structured approach to change at the clinic level.

Sequence to Achieve Change
This is a tool to help clinic teams, and the practice facilitators that support them, to move reliably through multiple cycles of improvement. It is based on the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Model for Improvement.

Change Packages
A change package is an evidence-informed set of changes that, if applied, are anticipated to have high impact in the improvement of an identified care process. They are meant to provide information from literature, clinical practice guidelines, and expert recommendations that can be considered and adapted within the unique context of a clinic. The suite of Change Packages are focused on provincial priority areas and/or associated with Toward Optimized Practice Clinical Practice Guidelines.
EMR Guides & Video Library
Expertise in the EMR may not be a requirement for all Alberta Practice Facilitators if the competency resides with an individual they are partnered with. There are paper guides and a video library (>150 videos) across the five top used EMRs in Alberta to assist PFs with EMR skills related to implementation of the PMH.