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Practice Management Program
Primary Care Networks Program Management Office
Toward Optimized Practice

The ACTT View of Change Agents

AMA's Commitment to Build PCN Capacity for Health System Transformation

The AMA Accelerating Care Transformation Team (ACTT) has six strategic priorities that guide their work. The first four are aligned to the PCN Objectives.

  • Accountable and Effective Governance
  • Patient's Medical Home
  • Strong Partnerships and Transitions of Care
  • Health Needs of the Population and Community

They are rounded out with two additional priorities to support the system transformation work.

  • PCN Zonal and Provincial Structures and Priorities
  • Medical Neighbourhood

These strategic priorities are achieved by the team through three main methods:

  • Building content appropriate to the goal
  • Building capacity in the appropriate stakeholders and staff
  • Supporting relevant stakeholders in the PCN or zone in activities related to the goal

The ACTT view of change agents and the PMH

The Accelerating Change Transformation Team (ACTT) interacts with and/or supports change agents throughout the system. The following diagram depicts the ACTT view of change agents operating at different levels of the system and their relation to change at the level of the Patient’s Medical Home. These levels are described below, with a further description of the Health Transformation Workforce and Enabler Change Agents further expanded on later in this section. 

Diagram 1: ACTT’s View of Change Agents Supporting PMH and Health Neighbourhood Transformation